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About Us

What we are:
CHEATSHEET CREATOR is an online fantasy football cheat sheet creation service. CSC works as a virtual notebook for all of your fantasy football notes. Along with the assortment of draft preparation tools, CSC works to create a robust community of users and peers taking your draft preparation process to the next level.

Why we are:

CHEATSHEET CREATOR was created as an alternative to the archaic methods of draft preparation. After years of inefficiently creating draft preparation notes on legal pads and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, we decided that there had to be a better way.


Our concept was to build a tool that was both flexible and powerful. Our goal for the service was to both save time as an efficient tool, and yet mobile and simple enough that the benefits of the manual ways weren't lost.

Who we are:

The founders of CHEATSHEET CREATOR are the original founders of a popular fantasy football content site called “MoSneaky: Fantasy Football Online Magazine”. MoSneaky was an extremely popular “indie” fantasy site in the early 2000’s. In the last couple of years the founders cut the staff and content production to begin focusing on the future, which has now come to be known as “CHEATSHEET CREATOR”.  2007 was the last season of MoSneaky, and the remaining editorial staff has now come over to be the producers of CSC Player Rankings, and up-and-coming CSC News Blog.


CHEATSHEET CREATOR is a product of FanSoft Media LLC., the producers of other innovative fantasy sports products such as FanDraft, Draft Order, and